Frequently Asked Questions


We have collected some of the most frequent asked questions we receive from our clients to help make your life easier. Count on us to respond to all of your questions about migrating to Australia.


At the moment, we only offer consultations for Migration Advice.  Overall, this service relates to the analysis of clients’ eligibility for Australian visas only. 

During a Migration Advice consultation, one of our Registered Migration Agents (RMA) will conduct a robust analysis of clients’ individual circumstances to provide them with a comprehensive migration plan tailored to both their background as well as their migration objectives in Australia.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our RMAs, please click here.

Important Disclaimer:

During the consultations, our RMAs will not be looking into Skills Assessment’s matters and applicable eligibility requirements.

Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) are specialised, trained professionals who have the legal authority to provide clients with advice and information on migration matters, including, but not limited to, visa options and their respective requirements. As a matter of fact, they are the only people authorised in law and by relevant government authorities to assess the applicant’s eligibility to apply for a particular Australian visa and to make recommendations in this regard.

In addition, RMAs are also able to prepare and lodge visa applications on behalf of applicants as well as to assist them in gathering and preparing required supporting evidence. Similarly, RMAs are one of the few professionals authorised to represent visa applicants before the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), hence being able to receive and to respond to any departmental communication received by the applicant and regarding queries and/or concerns the DHA may have in regards to an ongoing visa process. Furthermore, this can be extremely helpful and, in some cases, indispensable provided the high degree of complexity involved in migration legal matters and the constant changes incurred to governing legislation.


Consultation TypeConsultation Fee (AUD)
1st Migration Advice (for clients in Australia)$165.00
Subsequent Migration Advice (for clients in Australia)$110.00

*Australian Goods and Services Tax (applicable to payments made from within Australia only).

**For online consultation, the customer must make payment during the online booking process.

No. Consultation fees are charged per consultation. Hence, there are no free-of-charge follow-up consultations available to clients (unless otherwise advised). Subsequent appointment fees are currently set at AUD 110.00 per consultation.

No. Consultation fees are charged per consultation and are strictly limited to them, therefore not contemplating any visa or skills assessment charges or professional fees.


Yes. Seven Migration’s team of highly qualified and experienced Registered Migration Agents is proud to render in-person consultations to clients at one of our two operating offices in Australia (Brisbane and Sunshine Coast), as well as video conference consultations via Zoom to clients overseas and/or at other onshore locations.

No. Unfortunately, our RMAs are not available to take further questions and/or to attend to any queries or concerns clients may have following a consultation. However, they will provide clients with a Consultation Summary at the end of each appointment, outlining all pertinent details concerning the advice given. Consequently, this should help you to clarify any immediate doubts.

Well, that depends on the nature of your question. Clients’ Consultation Summaries are always saved onto clients’ files in our internal system following each appointment. For this reason, if your queries involve simple matters or the advice given by the agent throughout consultations, feel free to contact us to seek clarification from one of their assistants.

In case your enquiry is more complex and, accordingly, deserving of a new analysis by one of our agents, or if our team members are otherwise unable to help you, you will be asked to schedule a follow-up appointment at a cost.

Clients are welcome to bring their partners to consultations, as our Registered Migration Agents will be more than happy to conduct an analysis and make recommendations on each individual’s circumstances before rendering recommendations to the couple.

All consultations are scheduled for 1 (one) hour, in most cases. Nevertheless, the duration of the appointment relies on several factors including, but not limited to clients’ circumstances.

Our team of Registered Migration Agents is ready to assist you in English and Portuguese.


Unfortunately, we can’t determine the cost of a visa application process without having, first, access to and knowledge of clients’ individual circumstances.

In addition to being client-specific, costs (including, but not limited to, application charges and professional fees) and quotations are also case-specific, as they will vary depending on the matter (for instance, visa type or subclass).

Important Disclaimer:

Some processes may also require applicants to:
– translate documents;
– issue national and international police checks;
– undergo health/medical examinations;
– undertake English proficiency tests; and/or
– submit skills assessment or recognition applications.

These will, of course, and in most cases, incur extra charges payable to third entities.

Permanent residency, most commonly referred to as ‘PR’, describes the immigration status of a holder of an Australian permanent visa. There are several permanent visas to Australia, and they give applicants the right to live, work, study, and travel to and from Australia, without restrictions, for up to five years. Furthermore, all permanent visas can be renewed.

Yes. The current age limit for most permanent residency (PR) visas is 45. There are, however, some business/investor visas that allow applicants aged 45 and over (but less than 55) to be eligible to apply for the PR. Similarly, there are also several permanent family and temporary visas which do not have an age limit.

A bridging visa is, as the name suggests, a non-substantive visa that works as a ‘bridge’ to a substantive (or mainstream) visa.

In other words, a bridging visa allows applicants to remain in Australia while they are awaiting the outcome of an ongoing migration matter (for example, a decision from the Department of Home Affairs in regards to a visa application, or from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal concerning a merits review application (i.e., appeal)), or to sort out their affairs before departing Australia once their substantive visa has ceased or expired.

In most cases, bridging visas will carry the same conditions as an applicant’s previous substantive visa. Additionally, bridging visas can also be granted for travel purposes when applicants are holders of a valid bridging visa and need to depart and return to Australia.

Individuals and other organisations may check a visa holder’s visa status and the conditions attached to their current visa through the Department of Home Affairs’ Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) function.

Yes. In most cases, visa applicants or visa holders can appeal to a visa refusal or cancellation by the Department, respectively. Although review rights are generally conferred to applicants or holders of visas that have been applied from within Australia, in limited circumstances, it is also possible to seek a review of decisions made on visas that have been applied from outside Australia.

Fernandes Migration’s team of Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) is proud to have assisted countless clients with numerous successful appeal applications before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, especially by supporting them with the lodgement of applications, the compiling and preparation of supporting evidence, as well as representing clients before the Tribunal (including during hearings). Our RMAs have extensive experience with review matters and are more than happy to help clients obtain the outcome they seek.

The ‘Designated Area Migration Agreement’ (‘DAMA’) is a recently introduced, special program that allows nominated business employers operating in designated areas and experiencing skills/labour shortages to sponsor skilled (or semi-skilled) overseas workers to fill vacant positions. DAMA is not, however, a visa by itself. Therefore, applicants cannot simply and directly apply for DAMA as they are required to be sponsored.

Important Disclaimer:
DAMA is a program that is not available to unskilled workers and labour. Amidst other criteria, to be eligible, applicants must:

(i) be nominated in a position at an ANZSCO occupation skill level of 1 to 4;
(ii) meet with ANZSCO skill requirements for the nominated occupation;
(iii) have, at least, 2 years of relevant work experience; and
(iv) meet salary and employment conditions of the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa (subclass 482).

Yes. All documents which are in a language other than English are generally not accepted by Australian authorities. Hence, in most cases, official translations are required.

Important Disclaimer:
Translators accredited with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) are, most often, recommended to translate these documents. However, authorities do accept translations by other professionals, as long as they are official or notarised.


A migration plan to Australia depends on many circumstances. Accordingly, only a Registered Migration Agent will be able to give you an appropriate answer to specific questions about your experience and background.